A New Unified Mathematical Society


Responses to the ‘A New Unified Mathematical Society’ Report

Thank you for your letter seeking our views on the proposal for a new maths society...

Lord Rees, President & Martin Taylor, Vice President and Physical Secretary
The Royal Society

I was very interested to read your proposal to form a new Unified Mathematical Society from a merger of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications and the London Mathematical Society...

Professor Dame Julia Higgins
Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education

I understand that the discussions on the possible merger of the LMS and the IMA are now to be extended to the web, and I thought it might be useful if I indicated why I am strongly in favour of the merger...

Sir Michael Atiyah

Thank you for the invitation to HoDoMS (Heads of Departments of Mathematical Sciences) to comment upon the proposal to create a New Unified Mathematical Society...

Andrew Osbaldestin, Hon. Chair
Heads of Departments of Mathematical Sciences

At its meeting on 17 October, the General Committee of the EMS agreed that, subsequent to any merger votes, the EMS should aim to engage constructively and amicably either with a New Society or with the two continuing bodies (whichever scenario unfolds).

Professor Robert J. Archbold, President
The Edinburgh Mathematical Society

As some of you know, I was a founder member of the IMA but resigned after a few years and joined the LMS, for which I have great affection and loyalty...

Professor JT Stuart, FRS
Mathematics Department, Imperial College London

Thank you for your letter of 1 October 2008 regarding the proposal to create a New Unified Mathematical Society. I have consulted with my colleagues in our Department of Mathematics and am writing to confirm our support for this proposal...

Professor Richard H Trainor
King's College London

Thank you for sending the information in relation to the proposal to create a New Unified Mathematical Society. The BCS is very happy to support this proposal.

Rachel Burnett, President
The British Computer Society

Thank you for giving the OR Society the opportunity to comment on your proposals which have clearly been very carefully thought through...

Sue Merchant, President
OR Society

Further to our conversation about the issue of the proposed merger of the LMS and IMA, I am
pleased to see that both Councils have agreed to progress to a vote within your membership...

David J. Hand, President
The Royal Statistical Society

Thank you for your letter dated 1 October 2008 addressed to our President, Professor Darton...

Dr David Brown, Chief Executive
Institution of Chemical Engineers

The meteorological community already makes a great deal of use of mathematical techniques...

Prof Paul Hardaker, Chief Executive
Royal Meteorological Society

Thank you for informing me of the adoption of the report 'Proposal for a New Unified Mathematical Society'. Following our recent Council meeting, at which I reported your plans, I have pleasure in conveying like to send you the RSC's best wishes for future success. I look Íorward to constructive interactions between RSC and the New Unified Mathematical Society.

Professor C D Garner, President
Royal Society of Chemistry